Organiser: Broughton-Bretton Motor Club Date: May 20/21 Where: North East Wales Championships: None Route: 100 Miles Starters: 38.

Last year Paul Crosby and Andy Pullan won HERO’s Summer Trial, they repeated the success this year, however on this occasion Pullan drove and Crosby navigated. For the first half of the event the pair were in a tight battle for the lead with John Dignan/Pauline Dignan, but the latter crew fell back on the final day and ended on the same penalties as Christian von Sanden/Constantin Scheibler, winning the tie breaker on the furthest clean principal.

Daniel Jones/Rhys Griffiths cleaned the Firefly Novice Rally to take a clear win in their Astra. Brynmor Pierce/Mike Hughes, the navigator being a previous winner of the event, took second. The top Semi-Expert crew Sion Lewis/Rhodri Jones, who weren’t eligible for overall awards, also cleaned the route.

Also repeating a 2016 success, Richard Hemmingway/Sam Collis, won the 061 Rally. The main talking point at the finish was the exclusion of Guy Robinson/Rob Bryn Jones for a give way offence in a neutral section.

Motorsport News - 24th May 2017

Firefly Novices Rally

Sponsored by John Robert Motor Service

Broughton-Bretton Motor Club

20th/21st May 2017

Winners: Daniel Jones/Rhys Griffiths (Vauxhall Astra)

Photograph: Joseph John Gilbertson

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