Rali Bro Preseli

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Teifi Valley Motor Club

8th/9th April 2017

Winners: Martin Richards/Mathew Phillips (Vauxhall Nova)

Photograph: Brian Gilbert

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Organiser: Teifi Valley Motor Club Date: April 08/09 Where: Pembrokeshire Championships: None Route: 100 Miles Starters: 75.

From a start number of 29, Martin Richards/Mathews Phillips, were lying in fifth place at Petrol on the Rali Bro Preseli, but powered through the more demanding second half to win by six seconds from Mark Lloyd/Richard Williams.

Martin Curzon/Tom Bleakley had been the halfway leaders but went out with a broken manifold after the restart. Last year’s winners Tim Hand/Jason Davies put in the best performance of the night but weren’t eligible for overall awards on this novice oriented event.

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