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Moonbeam Rally

Craven Arms Tyre Services

Telford Auto Club

12th/13th March 2011

Clerk of the Course: Neil Myatt

Route: 110 Miles

Maps: 137

Starters: 75

Winners: Richard Jerman/Iwan Jones (Ford Escort)

Richard Jerman/Iwan Jones repeated their 2010 success by taking victory once again on the Moonbeam Rally. The pair dropped time on only two sections all night, however it was a close run thing for them as they picked up a puncture on a cleanable section and made their time at the next control, which was timed to the minute, with just four seconds to spare.

Matthew Jones was making a return to road rallying and, with Richard Morris on the maps, took second. From a start number of 23 Matthew Honeyborne/Paul Holmberg took their MR2 to third place.

The first half was largely cleanable as long as no errors were made and this put the emphasis on the navigator. Nic Morris/Martin Phasey suffered a two minute wrong slot and were fourteenth at Petrol. They fought back to finish in sixth.

The Semi-Expert crew of Simon Rigby/Karl Ellis held third place at Petrol but they got stuck in a field for five minutes after the halt, they dropped to eleventh and lost out on the class win by one second to Jason Dunn/Steve Bishop.

Top co-driver Phil Clarke took to the driver’s seat and was guided by his daughter Becky to the Novice Class win.